Close, cancel, or delete account

Closing your TripIt account will permanently delete all public and private account data. 

Unless you have signed-up and entered your credit card information for a TripIt Pro subscription your account is completely free to use.

Closing your TripIt Pro account will not address any charges already made to your credit card.  If you have questions about a charge please contact TripIt Support. Once closed all data is removed and can not be restored at a future time. Closing an account with a current TripIt Pro subscription will not trigger a refund.

To close your TripIt account, just follow these steps:

1. From the signed in TripIt website go to Close your account at the bottom of your account settings Summary page.

2. Be sure to add your email address to our do not contact list if you do not want to receive any TripIt initiated emails in the future.


Updated: May 23, 2016

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