Add or remove email address

You can add and remove email addresses and change your primary email on our website and Android and iOS apps.

Android and iOS TripIt apps:

On both Andorid and iOS go to More > Settings > Email Addresses




All changes can be made, on your signed-in TripIt account, in the Settings area.

1. Click on the triangle to the right of  your user name (upper right of any page) and select Settings.

2. To add and/or remove an email address go to the Email settings section of your account settings page:


 3. To add an address, enter it in the box Add a new email address and click on Add & then Verify email

  • You'll receive a verification email from TripIt.  Within the email, you will need to click on the activation link.  If the additional email is already registered, you'll be prompted to merge accounts instead.


 4. To remove an address, select Remove to the right of the email address.



Updated: Mar 30, 2017


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