Reset or change your password

You can reset your password antime on our website and mobile apps.  Your password can be changed on our website and the iOS Phone app (Android coming soon).

How to reset your password

On our mobile apps: Select Forgot your password? directly below the Sign In button.


On our Web page:  Click on the Sign In link on our website, then click Forgot your password? located below the Sign In button.


From our Web Help page:  Select Click Here in the Still Need Help? area of the TripIt Help Center homepage.


All links will take you to the Sign In help page:  Enter any email address associated with your TripIt account and then hit Continue.


TripIt will send an email to this email address with a link and instructions on how to instantly reset your password. Your password must contain a minimum of eight characters and can not be an email address.  The maximum number of characters is 64.  

You can also change your password at any time from our website and iOS mobile app (coming soon to Android).

On our iOS mobile app: Tap More (bottom right) > Settings > Account > Change Password


On our Web page: Click your user name (top right) > Settings > Change password



Updated: May 11, 2017

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