New trips, updates not displaying

Not seeing your latest trip or trip updates? 

Our TripIt apps for Android and iOS should automatically refresh your trip data at sign-in.  For older iOS and Android app versions and all Blackberry and Windows app versions, the default is set to every 3 hours.  If you'd like to see itinerary updates more often, you can modify the TripIt data refresh rate setting on your device. 

Steps to take if you don't see your trips on your mobile device.

Refresh: In most cases, a manual refresh of your app, after you have signed in, will update your trip data. 

  • Android: Select the circular arrow in the upper right of your screen or Menu on the bottom of your
    screen and then Refresh.
  • Blackberry: Select the Blackberry symbol (bottom of the phone, second button on the left) and
    then select ‘Refresh’ on the menu that appears.
  • iPhone/iPad/iTouch:  Swipe across your Trips menu.
  • Third party apps - please see our help page for support info for FlightTrack Pro, TravelTracker Pro, TripDeck, etc.

Upgrade the app: If refreshing doesn't do the trick, and you haven't done so already, please make sure your app has been upgraded to our latest version.  (If the problem remains after upgrading try a complete uninstall and reinstall.)

Merge Multiple Accounts: If you're still not seeing your trips after refreshing and upgrading, it's possible you have more than one account registered with us. When you forward a travel confirmation email from an email address that isn't associated with your current TripIt account we will pre-register an account for that email address.

You can merge your accounts. Here's how:

  • Currently merging must be done via our website.
  • Add all of your work and personal email addresses to your account from Settings > About you.
  • If any of these email addresses are linked to another account, the site will walk you through the process of merging your accounts.

If you are having trouble signing into one of your accounts click on the Forgot your password? link directly below the password entry field.

Also, please note. if you send us a confirmation email directly from the airline's website or booking site, we have no way to associate it with your TripIt account as we rely on the sender's email address to do so. We do need your booking confirmations forwarded to from your email in-box.

Updated: Oct 6, 2016

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