How to apply a promo code

Here's how to enter a promo code for TripIt Pro and Teams subscriptions.

From your signed in Home page on our website ( click on the TripIt Pro tab



If not signed in click on the TripIt Pro link in the footer of the home page.


The TripIt Pro Sign Up page is a single form used for all Pro sign ups (free trials, discounted, and other promotional subscriptions).

  • If your promo code is for a discounted rate you will need to fill in all other fields (credit card, security code, etc.).
  • If your promo code is for a free subscription you do not need to enter any data other than the promo code (no credit card. etc. is required.) 


Note: A new promo code cannot be added to an existing TripIt Pro subscription until the current subscription has expired.

Updated: Aug 29, 2016




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