Flight not monitored

If you subscribe to TripIt Pro there are a few reasons why your flights might not be monitored.

1. Flight monitoring for flight cancellations, delays, and gate changes begins 72 hours prior to flight departure. 

Any changes, for plans originally submitted to Tripit via confirmation email, made prior to 72 hours need to be submitted by forwarding the change confirmation email from your email in-box to plans@tripit.com or entered manually.

2. Some of your flight details might be missing.

Please make sure that all of your flight details are included in your reservation: airline and flight numbers, departure date, departure airport, arrival airport.

3. Your flight number might have changed.

We monitor your flight information by flight number since we don't have access to your reservation within the airline's reservation system. Therefore, if the airline makes a change to your flight number we won't be notified.

Please check with your airline to verify if your flight number has changed and, if so, forward that information to plans@tripit.com.

4. Your itinerary has a flight conflict.

If we have received conflicting flight information for the same day the conflict will need to be resolved before we can monitor your true flight(s).  Please see our help page Handling changes to your flight itinerary / resolving itinerary conflicts.

5. Some (not many) airlines don't make their schedule available to our flight monitoring system or don't make them available until close to the departure date.

6. The flight might be part of a shared trip where you are not marked as a traveler.

Updated: Feb 7, 2017

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