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Add a connection

Lisa Silveria
posted this on December 21, 2009, 4:52 PM

Updated: Jun, 2014


A Connection in TripIt is someone with whom you want to share information about your travels, on a continual basis.

From the Network page, your Connections will be able to see a list of the destinations and travel dates associated with your TripIt itineraries, and you will see the same for all of your Connections.

To add connections just follow these steps:

1. Sign-in to your account on our main site (

2. Go to the Network tab.

3. Click on Add connections.


4. Invite connections by email address or address book.


5. Your invitation will then be sent to your contacts via email.  Once they follow the instructions to accept your invitation, they will be added to your list of connections on the Network tab.

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