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Edith Harbaugh
posted this on November 1, 2010, 2:17 PM

Updated: Feb 23, 2015


TripIt for Teams sets travel planners up for success with a simple set of tools that make managing travel for others a snap!

TripIt for Teams allows you to:

a. Plan/manage travel for others

b. Create group calendars  

Create & manage travel for others (Travel Dashboard):

TripIt for Teams allows you to create itineraries on other's behalf. To start planning for others use the following steps.

Add Your Travelers:

1. Sign in to TripIt

2. Select the Teams tab

3. Click Your Travelers

4. Enter the email addresses of those you wish to arrange travel.

5. Your travelers will get a TripIt email stating that you would like to be their travel planner. With one click, they'll confirm that you can email plans into their TripIt account.

From this point forward you will have the ability to view and edit all of your traveler’s upcoming travel on your Travel Dashboard!

Now you are ready to start planning!

Once your travelers have confirmed,you can send their confirmations to with the traveler's email address in the subject. For example, forward a hotel confirmation to with as the subject and a itinerary will automagically appear in John's account. All John has to do to view the details is sign in to

Note: Go mobile! Encourage your travelers to download the mobile app, they will thank you! One of the biggest values of TripIt lies in our helpful and user-friendly mobile application- and best of all it's free!

If your travelers have any trouble finding the app in their mobile app store you can direct them to


Create group calendars:

Creating a group in TripIt for Teams allows a specific group of individuals to view one another's travel on a shared calendar.

To set up a group:

1. Sign in to TripIt

2. Select the Teams tab

3. Click Company Settings

4. Click Create a Group

5. Enter necessary information into fields including the email addresses of those you wish to invite to the group (Tip: be sure to include yourself!)

Invitees will receive an email inviting them to the group.  Upon acceptance any trips they have in their TripIt account will automagically appear on the calendar!

Note: The group calendar allows members to see basic travel information (city & dates) but does not grant others permission to see their detailed itineraries (flight times, hotel etc.).



Subject line: The TripIt Itinerator will only look at the first email address in the subject line and ignore all others.

Supported Vendors: Tripit supports thousands of vendors. Check out our list of many of them here:

Manually Add or Edit Itinerary Items: You can add or edit activities, meetings, notes, and other items directly to the itinerary from within any trip.  Just click any +Add Plans link. You traveler will see any additions when they view the trip.

Share the Trip with Someone Else: To let someone besides the traveler view the itinerary (like a spouse or colleague) you can share the trip.  From the dashboard,  just click the envelope icon. Then enter the email addresses of the people you'd like to see the itinerary.  See more details here:

Mobile Devices: To view their trip on their Android, iOS, Blackberry, or Windows device the traveler just needs to download our free TripIt app. See full instructions here:

Calendars: To view their trip on their calendar just have the traveler follow the instructions here:

Add Additional Travel Planners: If you are the purchaser of  TripIt for Teams and want to add additional planner go to Company Settings, click Add a planner and enter the email address of the additional person.  A welcome email will be sent to them.  The arrangers can then request rights over their own travelers.  Each arranger only sees their own travelers. 

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