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Auto import not working

posted this on August 27, 2010, 11:35 AM

Updated: Jan 8, 2016


Below are a few reasons why auto import may appear not to be working.

**** (Jan 16, 2016) Auto-Import for Yahoo Mail is currently being upgraded.  If you have a Yahoo Mail email domain in your TripIt account, stay tuned.  We will contact you when Auto-Import is set to go 

Your confirmations are not in your main email in-box but are filtered into folders automatically.  We only scan your main / primary email in-box.

Your email in-box has not yet been scanned today.  TripIt will scan your in-box multiple times a day for travel plans

Your confirmation is for a restaurant in a location within 50 miles of your home location.

If you signed up with a Google Apps mail account your domain administrator must have IMAP enabledfor your domain. Please contact your domain administrator for questions about this feature.

Additional auto import Help:

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