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My plans have the wrong times in my calendar

posted this on October 05, 2011 10:12 AM

Updated: Aug 7, 2013

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If your TripIt plans aren't appearing on your calendar at the times you expect, one of a few things may be happening.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar no longer supports floating time zones.

1. Make sure you have the setting for "Automatically adjust time zones" selected.

2. This does mean that your calendar will convert all event times to your current time zone setting. However, if you change your calendar's settings when you travel to reflect the local time zone, these items will show up in the correct time slot once you're in those locations.

Other calendars

1. If you change your calendar's time zone settings when you travel to reflect the local time zone, then be sure to have the setting for "Automatically adjust time zones" selected.

2. If you don't change your calendar's time zone settings, and always keep your calendar on your home time zone, you can simply ignore time zones for your calendar feed by deselecting the setting for "Automatically adjust time zones."

  • If you change your calendar feed's settings it may take some time for your calendar app to update its cached feed data
  • You can force your calendar's cache to clear by refreshing your feed's URL on your 'Publishing your TripIt data' page (after signing in > User name > Settings > Publishing your Tripit data).  After refreshing, resubscribe to the new URL, wait 15 minutes, and your calendar should be updated.

How to refresh your feed's URL


Make sure your plans have the right location

When TripIt imports an air, train, or car reservation via the Itinerator, it generally figures out where on the map that plan is happening and places its start and end times in the right time zones. From time to time, usually because of an incorrect or missing address, it doesn't get this right. This is reasonably common with European rail reservations, which tend not to include unambiguous location information for some train stations. If you've got air reservations that appear correctly on your calendar but rail reservations that don't, this may be the culprit. You can fix it by adding the street addresses for the train stations on your reservation.

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